The fastening technology that saves you 60 % of your working time!

The principle of the Schnabl fastening systems is simple. The special structure with the eccentric expansion body replaces dowels and screws. A 6 mm drill hole is sufficient for time-saving cable laying, line laying and pipe laying. But see for yourself:
Eccentric expansion body

Pipe laying

Pipe laying with Schnabl products Products for pipe laying Here you will find our pipe clamps with accessories, pipe clamps and clamps for steel structures and single and double push-in clamps for the quick and easy laying of pipes.

Cable layin

Cable laying with Schnabl products Products for cable laying Here you will find Schnabl clamps for sheathed cables, nails for fastening cable ducts and fastening elements for laying sheathed cables in lines.

Con­cealed instal­lation

Concealed installation with Schnabl products Products for concealed installation With these Schnabl products you save working time with floor laying, surface laying and concealed laying. Here you will find routing systems for sheathed cables, routing systems for hose routing on and under plaster and on the floor and concealed clips for flexible pipes without plastering.

Laying on plaster­board

Laying on plasterboard with Schnabl products Products for laying on plasterboard Here you can find Schnabl clamps, fastening elements and aids for laying on plasterboard and Fermacell.

Function main­tenance

Function maintenance with Schnabl products Solutions for maintaining functionality Schnabl offers electrical installers time-saving metal fastenings for functional maintenance.

Laying on insulatio

Laying on insulation with Schnabl products Laying on insulation Here you will find the products for the simple installation of electrical equipment, electrics or switch boxes on insulated ceilings and walls.

We want to inspire you!

As a technology leader, we are the standard with the most sophisticated connector system for fastening cables and pipes for forward-thinking electrical installers worldwide - made in Austria.

At Schnabl, we are driven by making work life easier for fitters - that's what we're passionate about.

Here you can see the time required compared to conventional installation with dowels and screws.

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Conventional assembly with screw and dowel

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With Schnabl EC and ESD


Conventional method with plaster of paris

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With Schnabl USE, USD, TA, TB


Conventional assembly with screw and dowel

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With Schnabl DKS


Conventional assembly with clamp, screw and nut

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With Schnabl EDV or ESV


Conventional assembly with screw and nut

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With Schnabl SDC


Conventional assembly with rods, struts, cable trays

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With Schnabl SH80


We invent solutions

Together with our partners, we have an ear for the market. We find solutions for our customers challenges - there is no such thing as impossible. Our focus is on the greatest possible Customer benefit. That is why we are constantly developing our products - consistently and decisively. Our uncompromisingly high demands on the quality of our range guarantee the user 100% product satisfaction.
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Schnabl fastening systems offer many ad­vantages

60% working time savings with Schnabl products

Multiple installation performance:
just drilling and plugging

TÜV tested plastics technology

Tested by KEMA, TÜV and the Institute for Plastics Technology

up to 40 kg pull-out force

Extraction forces
up to 40 kg

Temperature range down to -20 degrees

Temperature range
down to -20°

Temperature range up to + 85 degrees

Temperature range
up to +85°

960 degrees glow wire tested

960 ° glow wire tested on request

UV stabilized

UV stabilized and halogen-free